Through the Portal

Just a quick recap of last session, as I’ve only just remembered I haven’t done it yet, and I’ve got the next session this evening! (We can’t play next weekend due to scheduling conflicts.)

After a long rest, the PCs went to the portal. Fully expecting to be ambushed on the other side, Flint cast invisibility on himself and Roscoe. After the portal was activated, everyone was surprised to find themselves staring at an old hunting lodge on a forested mountainside, with snow gently drifting down all around them.

Remaining invisible, Roscoe went for a walk around the lodge, while the others crept into the trees. Roscoe noted doors and windows around the lodge, taking particular note of the stone balcony above the back door and the large hole in the northwest portion of the roof. He picked up on animal noises coming from one of the outbuildings around the back. The other building was quiet. As he was heading back, he also heard the unmistakeable sound of a pack of kobolds coming from the back window on the lodge’s east side.

Meanwhile, a pair of trolls and their drake companions on patrol picked up the scent of the PCs and moved in to engage. Keo summoned his bear companions and then wildshaped into a bear himself. The three bears ganged up on one of the trolls, although it eventually hit him hard enough to cause him to lose his concentration and the other bears disappeared. Mara hacked away at the other troll, while Flint shot fire spells at both of them from up in the pine tree. Eventually Roscoe arrived and helped kill the trolls with his new acidic dragontooth dagger.

Flint then cast rope trick and the party retreated into the safety of the extradimensional space to catch their breaths. As they rested, they were disheartened to see a big, four-armed troll with a muddy (and obviously fire resistant) cloak with a drake on a chain leash approach the battle sight. The troll sniffed around for a while, then headed off again.

Rest over, they followed his footprints in the snow and noted that he had gone first to the back door of the lodge, then along the short path to what was obviously a drake kennel. The door of the kennel was now slightly ajar. The PCs crept up through the woods on the west side of the lodge and took position behind the wood pile. They were nearly discovered when a cultist came out of the back door to fetch some wood, but fortunately the others were able to keep Mara from making too much noise.

Roscoe then decided to brazenly approach the kennel. The troll saw him coming and opened the door wide enough to be seen. They had a brief exchange in which Roscoe was able to convince the troll that he was a cultist looking out for those responsible for killing the patrol. The troll explained that he’d gone and had a look himself but hadn’t been able to find anything, so he’d reported that there were intruders on the grounds and had come back to take a defensive position in the kennel.

Roscoe wandered back to the group, and they devised a plan: Roscoe and Keo would circle around the kennel from the back, while Mara and Flint would stay behind the wood pile. Roscoe would then attempt to get the troll to come out into the open so that Keo and his bears could jump him. Flint and Mara would then engage from a distance. The signal to attack would be Flint casting a fireball into the kennel through the opening in the doorway.

The plan worked pretty well, and the four-armed troll went down in a hail of claws, teeth, enchanted steel, fire and acid. His drakes didn’t last much longer. When no one came out of the lodge to see what was happening, the PCs went into the kennel. Keo took one look at the troll’s makeshift shrine to the demon lord Baphomet and ripped it apart. The PCs also found a collection of valuable furs that had been outside the range of Flint’s fireball.

Keo had also been able to get his bearings, as the view of the surrounding region was much better on the far side of the kennel. He realized that they were now in the southern reaches of the Greypeak Mountains, not far from the human settlement known as Parnast. He had been here before with his clan, back in the good days …

Figuring that the cultists in the lodge were waiting to ambush them should they attempt to go through the back door, they instead moved over to the eastern side of the back wall, where there was a decent blind spot between the windows, and proceeded to chuck a grappling hook up onto the balcony. Scaling up one-by-one, they found a set of double doors leading into a large open room. The walls were covered in tapestries of dragons in various locations. The largest tapestry depicted Tiamat squashing the cities of Neverwinter, Waterdeep, and Baldur’s Gate beneath her massive claws.

We finished the session with Roscoe wondering if he could pry off some of the valuable-looking gems stuck on the tapestry of Tiamat, while Flint cast detect magic and picked up a ping coming from the other side of the west wall, in which the only door out of the room was situated. (Roscoe searched for secret doors behind the tapestries but didn’t find any.)


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