The main protagonists of our story are:

mara-stormwindSKIE STORMWIND
female Illuskan human berserker 14
Hailing from Ruathym, Skie spent her youth raiding the Sword Coast and the islands of the Trackless Sea. When she got older, she settled down in Baldur’s Gate and established one of the city’s patriar families, named for her magical axe, Stormwind. Centuries later, her spirit was called back to the material plane to help her descendant, Mara, stop the Cult of the Dragon. When Mara fell in a fight against the cult, Skie’s spirit possessed her body in order to continue Mara’s mission.
Faction: Lords’ Alliance


flint-ironfistFLINT IRONFIST
male shield dwarf evoker 14
A dragon scholar from the shield dwarf realm of Iltkazar, Flint’s best friend is an adult silver dragon. He has been having apocalyptic dreams for some time now and is determined to find out why. His right arm was bitten off by a giant crocodile in the Mere of Dead Men. After being killed by a white dragon guarding the cult’s stolen treasure in the bowels of a flying castle, Flint was wished back to life, regaining his lost arm in the process.
Faction: Harpers



male goliath moon druid 14
The sole surviving member of his clan, Keo is conscious of his lack of social graces and frequently apologizes for his uncivilized ways. His grandfather was a famed dragonslayer, which resulted in him being targeted by dragon cultists when he came down from the mountains. Keo has since taken on an apprentice, a young human woman named Imsa, who just happens to be green from head to foot.
Faction: Emerald Enclave



male lightfoot halfling swashbuckler 14
A dashing fellow who specializes in fighting with two weapons, Roscoe was working undercover as a spy at the Carnath Roadhouse when he was called on to assist the party chasing the Cult of the Dragon. Although Roscoe is loyal to his companions, ever since they had him raised from the dead for the second time, he has found it difficult to care about anything. He is originally from Phandalin, and he has a pet winged snake.
Faction: Zhentarim