Council of Dragons

In which our heroes meet with representatives of the metallic dragons


Elia the silver dragon arranged for the group to travel to Everlund via a secret Harper teleportation network. From a mausoleum in Waterdeep’s City of the Dead, the PCs were instantly transported to Moongleam Tower, a Harper stronghold in the city of Everlund, six hundred miles to the northeast.

As the group hit the streets, a number of locals recognized them as the great heroes who were leading the fight against the Cult of the Dragon. They thought the PCs had come to help them, as there were rumors that the cult was on the move in the region. The PCs felt a little guilty about the fact that they were just passing through …

Outside the city, Elia led them to a grove of trees, where she transformed into her true draconic form. She allowed Keo, Imsa, Roscoe, and Skie to climb onto her back, but she coldly insisted that Flint ride in a basket she had set aside for him as she did not want his dirty dwarf flesh to tarnish her scales. The PCs were taken aback by the vehemence of her disdain for Flint, but the grumpy dwarf didn’t want to pick a fight with such a powerful creature and reluctantly agreed.

The flight east into the Nether Mountains was uneventful. At one point, Elia circled a mountain before by a sparkling waterfall cascading down a cliff. She stepped forward into the water and held out her wings to allow the PCs to pass through without getting wet … except that she made Flint go last and moved her wing just as he was passing under it so he got soaked.

After passing through a short tunnel, the PCs came out into a stunningly beautiful alpine glade that they had not seen when passing over the mountains. Were they even still on Faerûn? They weren’t quite sure. Elia took her leave of the PCs, inviting them to explore the glade while she went to inform the other dragons of the group’s arrival.

The group wandered about, taking in the many beautiful flowers and trees and ponds. After what felt like hours, they came across a man playing with a monkey and a cat. Upon spotting the group, the man invited them to come and join them. He claimed to be a bard who just happened to be hanging out in Bahamut’s sacred glade. He introduced himself as Othokent Darastrix, which Flint realized was just Draconic for “clever dragon”. The dwarf was instantly suspicious.

Otho suggested they all sit down to feast, and the PCs discovered a magnificent spread had been magically laid out on a big slab of rock behind them. While they ate and drank, Otho told them what he knew about the various dragon councillors who were waiting to meet them. Meanwhile, the cat snuggled up to each of the PCs, while the monkey playfully made a nuisance of itself. At one point, the monkey hissed angrily at Roscoe before scampering off. Later, the monkey dug through Keo’s belongings and started hooting excitedly when it found his serpentine owl figurine. It didn’t want to give it back to him.

From Otho, the PCs learned that the draconic council was made up of one of each kind of metallic dragon: gold, silver, brass, bronze, and copper. The gold dragon, Protanther, was a former king and wary of making an alliance with the small races. He still had a chip on his shoulder about the dracorage mythal, an ancient epic spell that the elves had woven to cause all dragons in Faerûn, even the good ones, to periodically go mad. While the spell had been broken a hundred years ago, he was still upset about it.

The silver dragon, Otaaryliakkarnos (Elia), was more amenable to allying with the coalition, believing the small folk to be worthy of the dragons’ aid. She did have a bit of a blind spot when it came to the dwarves, however, due to their dragon hunts of old. One hunt had resulted in the death of her niece, whose hide had been turned into armor.

Otho warned Roscoe that Tazmikella, the copper dragon, wouldn’t taken kindly to his presence, since her hoard had been raided by thieves on more than one occasion. She was more open to an alliance than Protanther, however, as she believed it would help reduce casualties for all those involved.

Nymmurh, the bronze dragon, was the most amenable to helping the coalition. He had a long history of interacting with the small folk and liked them very much.

Lastly was Ileuthra, the brass dragon, who it was said lived with the Faerûnian god of knowledge, Oghma, in the upper planes. Having watched the small folk from offer for many centuries, and knowing that they had the capacity for great good as well as great evil, he was truly undecided.

Sometime later, Elia reappeared and led the PCs into a chamber inside the mountain, where they found themselves standing in a shaft of light as the five dragon councillors loomed over them from perches high above.

Protanther opened the council, and the dragons laid out their stances more or less how Otho had said they would. The PCs made their points, and in the end, they managed to get all five dragons on-side, but only by making some fairly hefty concessions: Ambassador Brawnanvil would be required to apologize on behalf of all dwarves for the harm caused by their dragonmooots of old (as well as arrange to return the remains of Elia’s niece), while King Melandrach would be required to apologize on behalf of all elves for the harm caused by their dracorage mythal. The PCs also agreed to hand over any and all dragon masks recovered from the cultists, as Ileuthra in particular felt they could be better protected from misuse in the hands of the dragons. Keo offered to return the serpentine owl to Tazmikella, when she revealed that it had been stolen from her hoard, but she decided to let him keep it after Roscoe offered the metallic dragons a share of the treasure recovered from the Well of Dragons.

With the council finished, Elia flew the PCs down to the road, this time allowing Flint, who had revealed to her his deep friendship with a silver dragon, to ride on her back. She apologized for not being able to take them all the way to Everlund herself, for she had much to do to ready her people for the coming conflict.

Along the way, the PCs encountered a group of dwarf miners who had captured a cultist. They hoped to ransom her to the PCs. Before anything could happen, though, another a half-red dragon in cult regalia flew in on a wyvern, while two ogres and two red drakes crashed through the trees onto the road. The dwarves fled, leaving the cultist in the PCs’ care. Spoiling for a fight, the PCs made short work of the cultists. After a short rest, they dragged the captured cultist to her feet and trudged off to Everlund.

Shortly after entering the city, a bell in the market square began to toll as dragons appeared in the sky and cultists swooped over the walls, scimitars and spells in hand! The PCs made it as far as the river before they were accosted by cultists.


The Council Quiet

Who’s Your Friend?
As the heroes gathered for their standard breakfast of oatmeal, Jamna wandered up and grabbed Erevan’s bowl. She poked around in it with her knife, all the while glancing over at some of the cultists (who were clearly trying not to look in the group’s direction). She pulled out a little round thing that she said was a bone spur that would uncurl when swallowed. Potentially fatal. Probably in all their bowls. She told them she’d talk to them again that evening, and off she went again.

Mara, Keo and Flint frantically dug through their oatmeal, finding a number of lumps that could’ve been just about anything. Keo obtained a sheep’s stomach from somewhere and placed the bone spur inside. Sure enough, it uncurled and pokes its spines through the lining of the stomach. Yikes!

That evening, Jamna told the heroes that she was on the same mission they were. She wanted them to help her break into the cultists’ wagons. The heroes replied that they’d already done that and gave her a quick rundown of what they’d found. Jamna was most grateful but offered little in return and evaded questions about her employer. Afterward, the heroes wondered if they’d done the right thing sharing all that info with her.

Murder Most Foul
A piercing scream awakened the group the next morning. Someone had been murdered! It turned out to be the traveler Pavel Borsk had hired as an extra guard after the late Losvius Longnose had gone snooping through his stuff. Both Pavel and his bodyguard, Umara, blamed Keo, despite the fact that the murder weapon had clearly been a sword of some kind, which was not something the goliath owned. As tensions mounted, Azbara Jos surprised everyone by coming forward and attempting to calm the situation. (“Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who!”)

When someone suggested that Pavel look to see if anything of his had been stolen, he spluttered a bit and then grew quiet. Edhelri and the other senior merchants all agreed that, without any witnesses, nothing could be done. The murderer’s fate was in the hands of the gods. The cultists seemed to think otherwise, though, as they proceeded to glare at Keo with undisguised hatred for the rest of the journey.

Waterdeep at Last!
On the fiftieth day of the journey, everyone heaved a sigh of relief as the City of Splendors came into view. The caravan disbanded in the city’s Southern Ward. Flint received his fifty gold for a job well done, while Mara only received forty from Aldor, who had docked her pay for her “poor” service. He also insisted that she sign a number of legal waivers. The merchants then unloaded their cargo and headed off to the Trades Ward.

The Harper Carlon approached the group and offered to use his many contacts in the city to keep track of the cultists and their wagons on their behalf. He told them to just take it easy and do a bit of sightseeing before meeting him at the famous Yawning Portal Inn later on.

The Council Quiet
When the heroes entered the Yawning Portal, they found Carlon waiting for them, along with Leosin and Ontharr! What a surprise! After a hearty greeting (and a quick explanation as to Erevan’s change in circumstances), Leosin informed the group that there were some others waiting to meet them in a back room. As the party headed across the inn’s common room, Ontharr nudged Mara in the ribs and pointed at some rookie adventurers getting ready to descend into Undermountain via the Entry Well. The two warriors shared a smirk and thought back to the days when they were just as inexperienced.

As the heroes entered the back room, they all felt the tingle of magic. The room was warded! Inside was a table laden with a fantastic spread. Present in the room were three noblewomen – two humans and a moon elf – as well as a male half-elf. Dressed in furs and leathers, the man looked out of place (and more than a little uncomfortable) next to the women in their expensive gowns.

Leosin introduced the elf as his superior, High Harper Remallia Haventree. She greeted the heroes warmly and then introduced her friend, Elia, a Turami woman who knew a lot about dragons. Leosin then introduced the third woman, Lady Laeral Silverhand. Although Keo had never heard of her, the others all had. She was one of the legendary Seven Sisters, the Chosen (and some say daughters) of Mystra, the goddess of magic! Although she was once a Harper herself, Laeral was present at the gathering on behalf of the Lords’ Alliance. Last but not least was the half-elf Delaan Winterhound, representative of Keo’s faction, the Emerald Enclave.

As Ontharr implored everyone not to let the food go to waste, Jamna made her presence known. Everyone had forgotten about her! She announced that she was with the Zhentarim and would like to be included in the gathering. She had knowledge she could share to make it worth their while. Remallia suggested they put it to a vote and asked Jamna to step outside briefly. Ontharr objected on principle, as he did not like the idea of consorting with such unscrupulous mercenaries, but he was the only one. Everyone else, including the heroes, voted to let Jamna join them.

To begin, Carlon gave his report. As the others tucked into their dinners, Carlon related that his informants had discovered that the cultists had all taken different routes to Virgin’s Square, their faction’s long-established meeting place in the city. (“You’d think they’d know better by now …”)

In the square, Barakis had met with a hooded figure, who must have been there to deliver the next set of orders, for shortly afterwards the cultists had all dispersed again. They were tracked through the city until they reconvened at a stableyard in Field Ward. The yard was owned by the High Road Charter Company, a business set up by the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Dagult Neverember, to rebuild the road to Neverwinter. After the cultists had deposited their cargo in the yard, they’d retired to a nearby inn. Carlon was able to learn that they had all signed on with the company’s next convoy, due to depart for the Carnath Roadhouse near the Mere of Dead Men a few days later.

Carlon surmised that the cult must have had a man on the inside (either an infiltrator or someone they’d bribed). Laeral quipped that she’d never allow the cult to infiltrate any of her pet projects. When the heroes inquired if she was implying that Lord Neverember himself might be in on the cult’s scheme, Laeral shook her head. Neverember was honest enough, she maintained. It was just that he was too preoccupied with rebuilding Neverwinter and ruling over Waterdeep to pay much attention to the little things.

Next up was Jamna the gnome. She had a number of interesting tidbits to share with the council. Firstly, she informed the group that the Cult of the Dragon had formed an alliance with a number of Thayan exiles, including the Red Wizard from the caravan, Azbara Jos. Jamna professed not to know the extent of their relationship, however, but made it clear that her superiors were keen to find out. The heroes backed Jamna up on that one, having seen Azbara Jos hitch a ride with the cultists on the caravan (after they’d turned everyone else away) for themselves, as well as having discovered links between the cult and the Red Wizards while in Baldur’s Gate.

But wait! There was more! Not only had one of these exiled Red Wizards actually joined the cult, but he’d also risen to the rank of wyrmspeaker! His name, Jamna said, was Galvan the Blue. This was news to all those assembled at the meeting.

Jamna then dropped a bombshell: she had it on good authority that the elves of the Misty Forest were paying the cult large amounts of protection money to stay out of their woods. At this, Delaan jumped to his feet, strenuously objecting on the grounds that he had a good relationship with the elves and had heard of no such arrangement. Furthermore, the elves would never even consider such a thing! Erevan agreed, saying that he’d seen no signs of anything like that during his (admittedly brief) time with the elves after his reincarnation.

The gnome shrugged. That’s just what she’d been told. Her next bit of info was that some other Zhentish agents had recently spied some cloud giants near the Well of Dragons, an extinct volcano that had long served as a dragon graveyard. When approached, the giants claimed they were searching for relics from their age-old conflict with the dragons. Jamna was offering this information on the off-chance that the giants could be convinced to help combat the Cult of the Dragon.

Last but not least, Jamna said she’d heard that the cult was also attempting to forge an alliance with the Arcane Brotherhood. The faction leaders look concerned at this, and Remallia indicated that she’d get some Harpers on it right away. While the Brotherhood may have reinvented itself as a mercantile organization in more recent times, there were still plenty of unscrupulously dangerous mages in its ranks.

Over the course of the meal, Flint noticed that Elia didn’t appear to like him. Despite the fact that they both shared an interest in dragon lore, she seemed completely uninterested in talking to him, with an attitude that was cool to the point of being rude. She was perfectly cordial to the others, so he concluded that it must have been something more personal. Perhaps she just didn’t like dwarves for some reason. Flint decided not to mention it to anyone else.

As the meal concluded, the faction leaders reiterated and expanded on the mission that Leosin and Ontharr had given the heroes back in Elturel. They wanted the group to continue tracking the cultists and their treasure wagons. However, once they’d learned where the treasure was ultimately heading, the heroes were to attempt to stop it from getting there. Laeral indicated that the Lords’ Alliance would like the treasure to be recovered, if possible, as much of it had been taken from people in their care. Remallia stated that she would particularly like it if the heroes could capture any Red Wizards they found working with the cult so they could be questioned. Finally, the faction leaders all wanted the heroes to attempt to capture Rezmir, the black wyrmspeaker who had so far remained one step ahead of them. Alive was preferable but dead worked too, as death was no real obstacle to communication.

As the council adjourned, Remallia took Flint and Erevan aside to formally welcome them into the Harpers. She thanked them for all they had done so far and raised them to the rank of Harpshadow. Lady Laeral did the same for Mara, raising her to the rank of Redknife within the Lords’ Alliance. Delaan also took Keo aside, but he just wanted to talk to the goliath about Imsa. The half-elf understood that Imsa wished to become a druid. However, he was concerned that she would not survive the dangers of Keo’s journey. He suggested that Imsa go to Goldenfields, a walled commune not far from Waterdeep that doubled as a base for the Emerald Enclave. There she could learn the ways of the Enclave and the druids in relative safety. When she was ready for the rigors of the adventuring life, she could rejoin Keo and train under him once again. Keo reluctantly agreed.

Before the council members dispersed, Remallia offered the heroes the use of a Harper safehouse. They asked for Jamna to be allowed to come with them, as they wanted to keep her close by. Carlon escorted them all across the city to the well-heeled North Ward, where they entered a seemingly-abandoned manor only to find it fully furnished. All of them were able to have hot baths and a good night’s sleep for the first time in nearly two months!

In the morning, the group chose to lie low for the day. The cultists wouldn’t be leaving until the next morning, but they would undoubtedly be on the lookout for their pursuers. ‘Twas better to just stay put in the relative comfort of the safehouse than risk being assassinated while out shopping or sightseeing.

Towards the evening, Leosin and Carlon stopped by to check on the party. Carlon offered to arrange to get them hired as guards for the convoy, but the heroes politely declined. They were tired of serving as caravan guards, and they could see how badly it could end if they came into close contact with the cultists again. No, they would shadow the convoy instead this time. Leosin then handed over a stash of magic items that the heroes’ factions had requisitioned for them, including a number of potions, a wand that could help them find secret doors and traps, and a robe covered in magical patches that could turn into a variety of useful items.

On the Road Again
The following morning, the heroes left Waterdeep, making sure to keep the dust from the convoy’s passage up the High Road in sight. It took another ten days to reach the roadhouse. Mara was somewhat upset at having to rough it out in the wilds again so soon. Along the way, the heroes were set upon by a lone troll that was attracted by the smell of their campfire. It rushed into the camp and proceeded to rip Erevan to shreds. When Flint hit it with a bolt of fire, it leapt across the fire to do the same to him. Keo turned into a bear and started shredding at the troll with tooth and claw, while Mara stayed where she was and repeatedly threw her magic axe at it. When the troll dropped to the ground for the second time, she finally remembered that fire was needed to keep it down permanently. While Mara busied herself with burning the troll to death, Keo healed up his fallen comrades. A short while later, Jamna wandered back into the camp, conveniently too late to be of any help in the fight.

Carnath Roadhouse
On the tenth day, the heroes stopped on a hill as the convoy made its way inside the roadhouse. After some discussion, the group agreed that Erevan would disguise himself as a cultist and go scout out the lay of the land. Using his magic to make himself look like an ordinary human, he strapped on the cult scabbard he’d obtained from the dragon hatchery south of Greenest and strode into the roadhouse. None of the cultists from the caravan recognized him, of course, but he quickly established that they all seemed to be there. Their cargo, however, was nowhere to be seen. He sought out the roadhouse commander, a surprisingly erudite half-orc named Bog Luck. The half-elf got the half-orc alone and magically charmed him into being his friend. The two then headed up to the kitchen to have a chat over some drinks. Erevan learned that Rezmir was in charge and that some lizardfolk came in the night to take the cult’s treasure away via a secret tunnel under the roadhouse strong room. Erevan was also able to ascertain that this wasn’t the first shipment of treasure the cult had brought to the roadhouse. The half-orc professed not to know where any of the treasure was taken, though he did remind Erevan that a big black dragon lived in the swamp.

Erevan slipped away again before his charm spell wore off and Bog Luck realized what was happened. Finding his real friends, the half-elf made his report, and the group decided (despite Flint’s objections) to bypass the roadhouse and head straight into the swamp in search of the secret tunnel’s exit so they could follow the lizardfolk carrying the treasure. Jamna volunteered to stay behind and keep an eye on the roadhouse, but the others insisted that she come with them.

With a growing sense of dread, the heroes ventured into the swamp, certain that the treasure was being taken straight to the dragon’s lair …