Attack on Everlund

In which our heroes barely escape Everlund with their lives before heading to the Misty Forest


As the PCs made their way across a bridge, a black dragon swooped low in front of them, depositing a number of cultists in full regalia at the far end of the bridge. Meanwhile, an armored warrior bearing the symbol of Tiamat waded through the crowd, slaying anyone who got to close to the aura of fiendish spirits encircling him. Following closely on his heels was a half-blue dragon who looked a lot like Cyanwrath.

A fierce battle ensued, in which the PCs tried ineffectually to force the war priest to lose his concentration on his spirit guardians spell, which ultimately spelled their doom. If it hadn’t been for the nigh-unkillable Keo and his powerful healing magic, the group would’ve been wiped out. As it was, only poor Imsa died.

As the PCs tried to sneak through the city to Moongleam Tower, they were spotted by the black dragon, who strafed them with its acidic breath. This took them all down again, and this time Roscoe didn’t get up again. Flint regained consciousness first and used some healing potions to revive Keo and Skie. Flint cast gentle repose on both Roscoe’s and Imsa’s bodies and, finding that the battle had ended, the PCs were able to reach Moongleam Tower with no further problems.

After teleporting back to Waterdeep, Keo reincarnated Imsa, who returned as a human again, albeit in a new body, while the others arranged to have Roscoe raised from the dead. Both of them came back with more apathy than they’d had before. Imsa didn’t feel at home in her new body, while Roscoe simply couldn’t bring himself to care about much.

After recuperating and gathering supplies, the group went to see Delaan Winterhound, who supplied Keo with a scroll of wind walk to help them on their next mission: to investigate the cult’s attacks on the elves of the Misty Forest.

After zooming south in cloud form, the PCs set about inspecting the village of Altand, which had mysteriously survived an attack by cult forces, including an adult green dragon. The surviving villagers pointed them in the direction of their warden and new leader, Galin, who was struggling to come to terms with his new role as well as the loss of his wife, who had been killed in the raid.

The PCs were almost immediately suspicious of Galin. The elf was not telling them everything he knew, but they didn’t want to push him. Outside, Imsa suggested they try talking to Galin’s pet raven. Keo liked that idea and realized he could also talk with the very trees. He decided to try that first and learned from the tree holding Galin’s house that the elf had snuck out during the night and headed south. Other trees confirmed this and indicated that this wasn’t the first time they’d seen him do it.

Under the pretence of doing a patrol around the village, the PCs headed out into the woods and soon found a clearing to the south of the village where it was clear something large, like a dragon, had landed. There were also two sets of humanoid footprints.

Council of Dragons

In which our heroes meet with representatives of the metallic dragons

Elia the silver dragon arranged for the group to travel to Everlund via a secret Harper teleportation network. From a mausoleum in Waterdeep’s City of the Dead, the PCs were instantly transported to Moongleam Tower, a Harper stronghold in the city of Everlund, six hundred miles to the northeast.

As the group hit the streets, a number of locals recognized them as the great heroes who were leading the fight against the Cult of the Dragon. They thought the PCs had come to help them, as there were rumors that the cult was on the move in the region. The PCs felt a little guilty about the fact that they were just passing through …

Outside the city, Elia led them to a grove of trees, where she transformed into her true draconic form. She allowed Keo, Imsa, Roscoe, and Skie to climb onto her back, but she coldly insisted that Flint ride in a basket she had set aside for him as she did not want his dirty dwarf flesh to tarnish her scales. The PCs were taken aback by the vehemence of her disdain for Flint, but the grumpy dwarf didn’t want to pick a fight with such a powerful creature and reluctantly agreed.

The flight east into the Nether Mountains was uneventful. At one point, Elia circled a mountain before by a sparkling waterfall cascading down a cliff. She stepped forward into the water and held out her wings to allow the PCs to pass through without getting wet … except that she made Flint go last and moved her wing just as he was passing under it so he got soaked.

After passing through a short tunnel, the PCs came out into a stunningly beautiful alpine glade that they had not seen when passing over the mountains. Were they even still on Faerûn? They weren’t quite sure. Elia took her leave of the PCs, inviting them to explore the glade while she went to inform the other dragons of the group’s arrival.

The group wandered about, taking in the many beautiful flowers and trees and ponds. After what felt like hours, they came across a man playing with a monkey and a cat. Upon spotting the group, the man invited them to come and join them. He claimed to be a bard who just happened to be hanging out in Bahamut’s sacred glade. He introduced himself as Othokent Darastrix, which Flint realized was just Draconic for “clever dragon”. The dwarf was instantly suspicious.

Otho suggested they all sit down to feast, and the PCs discovered a magnificent spread had been magically laid out on a big slab of rock behind them. While they ate and drank, Otho told them what he knew about the various dragon councillors who were waiting to meet them. Meanwhile, the cat snuggled up to each of the PCs, while the monkey playfully made a nuisance of itself. At one point, the monkey hissed angrily at Roscoe before scampering off. Later, the monkey dug through Keo’s belongings and started hooting excitedly when it found his serpentine owl figurine. It didn’t want to give it back to him.

From Otho, the PCs learned that the draconic council was made up of one of each kind of metallic dragon: gold, silver, brass, bronze, and copper. The gold dragon, Protanther, was a former king and wary of making an alliance with the small races. He still had a chip on his shoulder about the dracorage mythal, an ancient epic spell that the elves had woven to cause all dragons in Faerûn, even the good ones, to periodically go mad. While the spell had been broken a hundred years ago, he was still upset about it.

The silver dragon, Otaaryliakkarnos (Elia), was more amenable to allying with the coalition, believing the small folk to be worthy of the dragons’ aid. She did have a bit of a blind spot when it came to the dwarves, however, due to their dragon hunts of old. One hunt had resulted in the death of her niece, whose hide had been turned into armor.

Otho warned Roscoe that Tazmikella, the copper dragon, wouldn’t taken kindly to his presence, since her hoard had been raided by thieves on more than one occasion. She was more open to an alliance than Protanther, however, as she believed it would help reduce casualties for all those involved.

Nymmurh, the bronze dragon, was the most amenable to helping the coalition. He had a long history of interacting with the small folk and liked them very much.

Lastly was Ileuthra, the brass dragon, who it was said lived with the Faerûnian god of knowledge, Oghma, in the upper planes. Having watched the small folk from offer for many centuries, and knowing that they had the capacity for great good as well as great evil, he was truly undecided.

Sometime later, Elia reappeared and led the PCs into a chamber inside the mountain, where they found themselves standing in a shaft of light as the five dragon councillors loomed over them from perches high above.

Protanther opened the council, and the dragons laid out their stances more or less how Otho had said they would. The PCs made their points, and in the end, they managed to get all five dragons on-side, but only by making some fairly hefty concessions: Ambassador Brawnanvil would be required to apologize on behalf of all dwarves for the harm caused by their dragonmooots of old (as well as arrange to return the remains of Elia’s niece), while King Melandrach would be required to apologize on behalf of all elves for the harm caused by their dracorage mythal. The PCs also agreed to hand over any and all dragon masks recovered from the cultists, as Ileuthra in particular felt they could be better protected from misuse in the hands of the dragons. Keo offered to return the serpentine owl to Tazmikella, when she revealed that it had been stolen from her hoard, but she decided to let him keep it after Roscoe offered the metallic dragons a share of the treasure recovered from the Well of Dragons.

With the council finished, Elia flew the PCs down to the road, this time allowing Flint, who had revealed to her his deep friendship with a silver dragon, to ride on her back. She apologized for not being able to take them all the way to Everlund herself, for she had much to do to ready her people for the coming conflict.

Along the way, the PCs encountered a group of dwarf miners who had captured a cultist. They hoped to ransom her to the PCs. Before anything could happen, though, another a half-red dragon in cult regalia flew in on a wyvern, while two ogres and two red drakes crashed through the trees onto the road. The dwarves fled, leaving the cultist in the PCs’ care. Spoiling for a fight, the PCs made short work of the cultists. After a short rest, they dragged the captured cultist to her feet and trudged off to Everlund.

Shortly after entering the city, a bell in the market square began to toll as dragons appeared in the sky and cultists swooped over the walls, scimitars and spells in hand! The PCs made it as far as the river before they were accosted by cultists.